Project Description

Why Go Generic, When You Can Go Unique?

When we were in the developmental and design stage of we wanted to be unique, original and most of all, we wanted to grab our visitor’s attention.

While visiting more sites than we can count, as well as creating sites we noticed one common aspect that connected sites no matter what market they serviced…their sliders.

If you’re wondering what a slider is…this is usually the set of images that rotate at the top of a website’s page(s) and sometimes includes text. These are often used to enhance what the website is about.

In the website development and design world that most people never see nor know the details about, it is extremely common to use pre made templates and change aspects of them to suit your client’s requirements. Although, each template will often have added plugins, modules, widgets and coding added to help bring in new aspects of enhancement to customize the template.

When looking around, we noticed some great sliders…very original (they are always coming out with amazing new features if a developer/designer is willing to take the time to learn how to utilize them). Nonetheless, most sites we visited were very generic in their sliders and while a site visitor may not notice the similarities between sliders or website features/layouts – we certainly did and didn’t want to use the generic version on our website.

The attached video is three different animations we created and combined, to made a self-hosted video. This method allowed us to add our videos without incorporating our YouTube channel, much like what you will see from the videos on this site.

To see how the video appears as our website’s main slider, please visit our website at