P!NK  and Twitter

In my ‪‎Chef days, I cooked for ‪Kevin Bacon, ‪‎Kyra Sedgwick, ‪Danny DeVito, ‪Rhea Perlman, (to name a few), and I was never ‪‎Star Struck. To me I love their ‪‎abilities and what they bring to the ‪world. How they have that ‪unique and dynamic ability to bring out our laughter, tears, ‎joy, ‪‎happiness and make us forget the troubles in our life – if even for a few hours.

While I’m ‪‎honored to have a few ‪‎Celebrities following me on ‪Twitter, I’m just as honored to have ‪Business Owners, ‪‎Mothers, ‪‎Fathers, ‪‎Homemakers and everyday people follow me.‪ Stardom brings its perks in life, but to me, each person – celebrity, business owner, ‪entrepreneur, ‪‎blogger, ‪Twitter, or whatever their situation may be, is equally important to me. Each person I follow back, I see their Tweets, and I may be among the few, but I read them. I use Twitter, to broaden my ‪‎horizons, to grow ‪‎intellectually, and to help me not only become a better, more informed business owner but also a better-well-rounded person.

With that being said – yes, I cooked for stars, right in front of them all cool, calm and collected, but if Vin Diesel would have walked into the restaurant – I would have stood in the unemployment line the next day (I’m pretty sure my work would have frowned at me running and jumping into his arms like they do in the movies…and possibly breaking his back on their property).

The only other star I’d ever lose my mind over, and not because she’s an amazing singer (which she is), not because she puts on the most spectacular concerts (which she does…went to both this year in Toronto the second one front-row-center and she might have ruined all other concerts for me because no one else will ever compare) is @Pink. I worshiped her since her first album, I listened to her throughout my entire pregnancy and now my son who is Severely Intellectually Disabled, has a Chromosome Defect (which cause many issues) and has Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrome Epilepsy (the second worst type to have and will forever change his and our lives) will only listen to P!NK! He worships her. He listens to her when he gets up in the morning, he has every album she’s done on his iPod, and loves going on car rides with me because 13-years later, still only P!ink plays in my car.

But my fixation with P!nk goes beyond the Music and the performance she gives to her fan base every concert – it’s about how she believes in taking a stand for women’s rights, believing In yourself when no one else does, and most of all believing in yourself no matter what the world around you has to say about you. How she doesn’t just sing about other people’s heart-ache and triumph, but how she loves her fan base enough to open her heart and soul up to let us in, to see her Hurt Pain and Suffering…to allow us to see her vulnerability, to see the real her, and her emotions, to the point that we can truly relate to her.

I think it’s because I started listening to P!nk around the time my son was first son was born (who is also Mentally Disabled), that I’ve been open, honest and let my children be who they need to be. I’ve never hampered them down with what I think they should be; I refuse to let them be told who they are by society standards – I’m letting them find their path. By doing this, I have 3-children (2 teens) who would rather spend time at home with us, are proud to be in public with us, are honor roll students (even if one has half a shaved head, purple/pink/blond hair), who never talk back, respect us as much as our parents were raised generations ago to respect their parents, who help care for their ill brother (because we have no support). Our kids talk to us about everything and when my daughter was 14 she came “out” about her sexuality and we didn’t bat an eye or pass judgement, in fact, we’re proud that she will be attending her first Gay Pride Parade this summer. I think a lot of how I decided to raise my children even with all the health issues they have, have been based on not just listening to P!nks music, but really listening and understanding and never forgetting what so many parents forget.

Yes, our life has become more stressful as adults, and we look back on our younger years wishing we could go back to simpler times. Getting so caught up in our daily bump and grind, stress and potential for burnout that we forget what it was like to be young. We forget that even though they are young and have less than a fraction of the stress we face daily, they still have an enormous amount of stress – to fit in, to try drugs, to drink, to have sex, to skip school, and of course bullying…just to name a few. We forget all this and push our children aside discarding what they are going through as minimal.

But because I’ve also listened to P!nk, and her progression through life; her struggles, her anger issues as a youth, and more, I believe it’s helped me be a better parent to my children. Always to remembering what may seem small in insignificant to an adult, is life altering, crushing and devastating to a teen.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have two amazing teens (even though one is Mentally disabled and one has an Auto-Immune Disorder that has made her allergic to herself) who help out at home, help with the raising of their critically ill brother, (plus when I get down I have P!nk to help lift me up)….I don’t know where we’d be as a family.

So in summary (LOL) other than two special celebrities (and of course @Ellen, who thinks of others before herself and is my second role model, which would take another 2-3 paragraphs to write about) I view celebrities, business owners, home-makers, and everyone else on equal footing because each and every one of you, have something that you can teach me – and I always want to learn from an assortment of people.