As a proud mother of a bisexual daughter and other gay/lesbian family/friends – I find the actions on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America very disturbing. And a fraction (albeit a small one) of why we continue to have social stigmas surrounding an individual’s sexuality.

In my opinion – the act of firing this gentleman based on his sexuality is an indirect way of saying ‘any gay man cannot be trusted around the youth of our society without becoming a sexual deviant’. ‘That all gay men are perverts and morally corrupt’. What makes this male any more of a risk than a heterosexual male?

Their actions scream of discrimination, and obviously showcases their stance on multiple issues within the gay community including (but not limited to) their right to marry or adopt a child. To fire a man based off his personal life is despicable and screams of discrimination.

Moreover, in a society with more gay and lesbian adolescents are fighting for acceptance – we have the Boy Scouts of America showing them discrimination and hatred. Instead of teaching them that they should be proud of who and what they are. And let us not forget their proud partner, who continues to back them after this debacle with their ‘Amazon Smiles Program.’ The same program where they have explicitly stated, “Organizations that engage in, support, encourage, or promote intolerance… are not eligible to participate.” Maybe they should take a closer look at themselves and realize they have just become one of the very organizations/companies they took a stand against as part of their Amazon Smiles Program. Pause your support of the Boy Scouts until they end their ban on gay adults via @Change