knifeThat is A True Back Stabber

We have all been there, where we have felt we had that friend we could rely on; tell our deepest, darkest secrets only to find a knife wedged firmly in our back.

There are varying degrees of backstabbing, some of which we can shrug off, look past and get over with time. There are levels of backstabbing that can fracture a friendship making a complete mending of the relationship an impossibility. Then there is the level of backstabbing that rips your heart out, shatters your world, and has the potential to ruin your entire life.  Moreover, it has the potential to ruin the lives of those whom you hold dear and near to your heart.

During the course of my life, I have been let down and stabbed in the back by friends and family members alike. I have felt my world crash around me as I place my heart on my sleeve. As I bend over backward doing anything I can, to help anyone I can, only to taste the bitter essence of betrayal again. We are the type of people that will do anything for anyone. We will help in any way we can when we can do so and sometimes even when we cannot, but we will always try to find a way. We especially have a soft spot for people we meet whom have disabled children and are cash strapped. Now let us make this very clear; we by no means have money to be tossing around. Nonetheless, if we can make a difference to a family or a child than we are willing to go without a few things ourselves to make up the difference.

We do not do the things we do for recognition, and often do it without letting the people know it was us – although they usually figure it out. One prime example is listed below.

We met this one couple with a highly special needs little boy. You can take all three of our children’s special needs, combine them, and you still would not come close to the special requirements this boy and his family faced. We quickly became good friends with them, which lasted a couple of years. We spent a lot of time together when we were all able to do so. While the husband was one that you had to take with a ‘grain of salt’ the wife was amazing! In truth, once you figured out how to take her husband, he was a good person. We helped them put paperwork together to evict a tenant who refused to vacate the property. We went with them to ensure that they had witnesses that they followed everything by the book, so these people could not comeback on them. We helped them remove items from the home when it was finally empty, and treated them as if they were family. This is not to say they never returned the favor, because they helped us move items, and would help us out when we required it as well.

One day in the summer, we went out and bought our youngest son a turtle sandbox with a lid, all the toys, and the beach like sand. Telling them about it and his excitement towards receiving it, they mentioned how their sick son would love to have that but they could not afford it. We had known since we met them that they were in a tight spot when it comes to money, after all trying to start a family business can be brutal. One day when we knew they would be away from home, we snuck out to their house and dropped off the same sandbox, sand, and even more toys than we had bought our son. We did not leave a note; we did not say anything, we just set in their front lawn and left it there for them to place where they wanted it to be.

To us these were more than just friends they were family. Then the unthinkable happened. Through introducing another new friend to them, who we had figured out fast had a bad habit of telling tall tales and huge lies, we found our world crashed. This new “friend” desperately wanted to be a new best friend of this couple and told many lies to them about things we were supposed to be saying and things we were supposed to be doing. This ripped the friendship apart like a broken leaf on the ground in autumn. We could have defended ourselves, but we figured, if friends we called family would believe someone they had just met over us, or without asking us for that matter, then they were likely not as good of friends as we had perceived them to be. It was one of the hardest and most devastating experiences for us when it came to losing friends. Friends come and go, but when you love them like family, and they take the word of a stranger over you, it is heart wrenching.

We have had more people come into our lives and leave them, then stay in them, but we look at each one having come into our life for a reason. Some hurt when they left, somewhere asked to leave; the majority abandoned us when our son took a turn for the worse in his health. Then there are ones we were super close with, spent all the time we could with, texted with as much as possible and one day it all stopped. We are still friends, but things have changed, although we figure something happened, something must have been misconstrued the wrong way and instead of asking us about it, a friendship bond was fractured.

All of the friends that have come and gone, on good and bad terms, no one has stabbed us in the back, to the extent that this poor woman had to endure.

Some of you may have already heard this story, to some of you this may be new but hopefully it will be equally as shocking!

The videos attached at the top of this post for you to view but at a brief overview, please continue to read.

As many people know with or without epilepsy, there has been a huge breakthrough in the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy with the use of marijuana. Unlike medical marijuana, this has all of the THC removed from it. The THC is the basis for making people get ‘high’ off smoking, toking, and hitting the bong or whatever their personal choice is. Meaning that there is no chemical makeup in this marijuana that will make your child ‘high!’

Well, this mom went to where it is legal to get it, and picked some up for her son who was suffering from an absurd amount of seizures daily. She began to give the special marijuana to her son and was ecstatic to see him become almost seizure free. I can only imagine the joy in her heart as her dream for her son started to become a reality. Overcome with joy, this elated mom turned to her best friend to share her heart stopping news with her.

Instead of sharing in her best friend’s elation, she shared the news with the local law enforcement. This so-called best friend decided to do the legal thing without understanding the ramifications of her actions or without taking the time to understand fully what exactly, it was the mom was giving to her epileptic child.

Now this mom is facing time in jail, and her son is back to having an absurd amount of seizures daily. Worse yet, he will have to go back on all the medication that obviously was not working for him in the first place, but slowly distorting his organs. Whereas, with the marijuana that she was giving to her son, not only did it not get him high, almost completely stop his seizures, it has no negative side effects on his internal organs.

In the video, it is mentioned that one of the only ways that this form of marijuana will become legal is for a high-ranking Official to have a sick child. One who can only be treated with this method of treatment. While I hate to admit it, it is true! So many lives are destroyed daily, needlessly because of the stigmatism around pot. Wake up people in power…this is not your typical pot! This pot will not get children high, but it can help a child become seizure free or damn close to it. Get your head out of your asses and do what is right for the children, adults and families that you are supposed to be caring for!

As for this so-called best friend…some day you will have to answer for what you have done…and goddess forbid you ever need to have a true friend someday…I hope they betray you the same way you did yours, and you understand the kind of hurt a knife in the back from a friend feels like.