Understanding SEO with the human touch

Okay, so maybe it’s truly a post about how to untangle the truth behind SEO. This post is geared towards understanding a new way to practice SEO skills and learn about how the human touch can surpass endless backlinking for the long-term success of your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extraordinarily important when you have a website. Gaining traffic to your website through Google (or any other search engine) keyword search is vital if you want to become a success. Ranking on the first page of a search engine will provide your site with traffic that will hopefully provide a return on the time and money you put into SEO.

Many business owners and online marketers fail to realize that relying solely on SEO search engine ranking may doom the very business they are trying to popularize. If they experience any change in the website’s ranking – it may spell disaster because of the fickle nature found within search engine rankings.

Pouring all of your resources into SEO search engine ranking is risky considering you have to play by someone else’s rules. Search engines switch their ranking algorithms as they see fit. When these algorithms switch, you face the possibility of your website ranking high and fast, as well as failing hard and nasty.

Ask Yourself...

You need to take the time and ask yourself this question when planning your SEO marketing strategy...

Consider This Question When Planning Your SEO

Is it smart to place your business’ profitability on something entirely out of your personal control that may adversely affect your bottom line?

Research and trends clearly point out that search engines such as Goggle will favor certain brands, especially big brands. It’s not unusual to type in a keyword for a search and find all of the top ranking spots belonging to the same business. The issue with this is that searchers are not being provided with varied sources.

Even without intensive backlinking and aged domains, you can pull your SEO resources together and push your content straight to the first page of a search engine. Traditional SEO may provide top rankings on a short-term scale, but it will not guarantee a long-term placement. Spammy or inferior websites can knock your rankings right of the first page by bombing their sites with backlinks. Although Google clearly states that quality backlinks and great content achieves top ranking, there is evidence to the contrary.

Traditional SEO is great if you want to gamble on the success of your business with short-term unreliable ranking. If you want a long-term stable placement with Google and other search engines, you need to build a solid foundation for your placement and website.

Establishing genuine relations with other people in your niche and providing great content will ultimately provide you with direct referrals such as word of mouth and links from multiple websites. Furthermore, in time, Google (and other search engines) will perceive your site as an authority, and you will get the high ranking spot you desire.

This new approach to SEO is a long-term investment geared towards achieving Google’s guidelines. Execution is the key to this SEO success. Try to avoid looking at potential customers through a “marketers” eyes and aim for the human approach. Being genuine is essential to your success. Drive yourself beyond the desperate requirements of achieving traffic to your website, and focus on giving to others before taking for yourself. You will reap the benefits and receive what you are looking for in time and for the long haul.

What Are Some Methods Behind The New SEO?

Create a strong profile for your social media. Quit treating social media as a must and learn how to enjoy it. Deliver content to your audience that will benefit them now, so it will benefit your business later.

It is always an honor when a blog asks you to be a guest blogger – so treat it as the honor it is! Write your post as if you were writing it for your blog. Create content that is high-quality, beneficial and something you can proudly place your companies name on.

Forget the word colleague and begin to practice the word friend. Try to establish your business as a friendly with the human touch. Create relationships based on friendship with high-quality post and start creating some of the best forms of natural ranking. The culmination of natural outreach efforts will provide future solid search engine rankings. This this method of SEO you do not need to practice SEO continually because you will still gain the results you want; based on what you’ve already accomplished. There’s nothing more valuable than the relationships you can build with others. The value here provides word of mouth referrals, search engine referrals and direct referrals. The diversification you will find in this form of traffic sources is exactly what you want.

Stop looking for a quick buck and establish a strong, solid online business that can stand up to the test of time. It’s time to realize that by chasing search engine rankings; you are not building yourself a sustainable business. Search engine updates can place you on top today and drop you to the bottom tomorrow. By creating real relationships, you’re going to establish yourself and ultimately define your own success. Stop the backlinking madness and allow your long-term efforts to create backlinks naturally over time, so your ranking will last even the worst updates for your niche.

While it is suggested to stop chasing backlinks to gain your ranking, you still need to optimize your website through high-quality SEO practices that search engines will recognize as relevant content.

No, that doesn’t mean focusing on keyword density or keyword stuffing techniques. It means creating relevant content on your website that will allow search engines to determine that you have the authority in your niche.

Don’t forget to go beyond creating a personal human experience for your website, blog and social media traffic and practice main onsite SEO requirements.

Google’s algorithm relies on you creating influential Title Tags to showcase relevant pages on your site. Put consideration into the words you use in your Title Tags  and remember to utilize them on all your pages and post, as well as your home page – never underestimate their value to search engines.

In regards to onsite SEO factors, the Meta Descriptions are considered among the most undervalued. Found under the title, Meta Descriptions are snippets you want to fill in on your site rather than leaving them blank and allowing search engines to pick the snippets they deem the most relevant. Persuasive Meta Descriptions can boost your traffic even without improving your rankings. Meta Descriptions are more about persuasive marketing rather than SEO but either way it’s about obtaining more traffic to your website via search engines. It is advisable to create Meta Descriptions on all of your website’s pages and post.

If you use WordPress, you likely know that Permalinks are permanent link used to direct individuals around your website. Avoid using the standard WordPress defaults for your permalinks and make sure they are relevant. Keep in mind that your URL’s should contain keyword-rich evocative subjects on all your pages because they impact your search engine rankings.

Now that you have some “food-for-thought.” in regards to new and old SEO techniques you should place careful consideration into whether you want short-term unstable, unreliable results or long-term solid results. Building links and endlessly optimizing your website won’t create long lasting connections with the natural means to create high ranking long-term search results for continued success.