Nefu Da Boss

Diversity, tragedy, trials, tribulations, triumph and the ultimate belief in God are only part of Nefu Da Boss’s story.

Nefu Da Boss believes in staying true to who he is while many artists lose themselves to their craft and fan base. Too often an artist becomes caught up in what others have to say about them, or their past, and ultimately take on a fake persona. Nefu Da Boss stays consistent in his life story, showing that even though you are born in a rough part of town, with hard odds, and people looking down on your life; you can overcome anything with hard work!

Money makes the world go around.” This may very well be one of the most famous sayings known worldwide; although money does help you achieve your dreams, life goals and ambitions – there’s more to it. If you don’t have a driving passion, the love or mastering of your craft; all the money in the world isn’t going to provide you with the required fan base needed to get on top, and stay there. The lack of financial backing and its effects, is something that Nefu Da Boss knows all too well about!

Striving to be taken seriously in the industry with a low bankroll was a primary cause of frustration and hardship when Nefu Da Boss was starting out. Although, hard work, dedication to honing his craft, attention to social media, and his fans has afforded him the satisfaction of reaping the benefits he once doubted he’d be afforded.

Nefu Da Boss is a prime example of never giving up on your dreams and aspirations – no matter what life throws at you. As prime examples, Nefu Da Boss can bost to having the following numbers of followers:

+1 Million Twitter
87,089 Facebook
111,894 Instagram
7,114 YouTube



You can download his music on almost every platform available including iTunes and Goggle Play Store proving hard work and determination can make you a legion in your right.

Pushing the boundaries, Nefu Da Boss is more than a musician, he is a businessman. Venturing into multiple different business opportunities, he is a part of OMNI Records, Detroit Loud Social Media Agency. Where their mission is to provide social media publicity to help brand and build awareness about businesses, artists, models, managers, up-coming starts, and more. They have several different packages to help you in whatever you’re seeking and can be found by clicking the button below. You should also visit his website OMNI Records

Not only is Nefu Da Boss known for his amazing talent, he is known for his generosity. Giving away free downloads of his music, gift cards to his supporters, supporting other talented artist, being a part of #StopTheGunViolence campaign and launching a charity later this year. I will be following up later with more details on his charity once more details become available.

This is one talented artist who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. You can read more about his life story by visiting his webpage, or visiting any of the multiple sites that have featured him. Help support him by buying and downloading his music, and using his OMNI Records Detroit Loud Social Media Agency.

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