PWD (Persons with Dementia)
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Sometimes yesterday, can seem a million years away.” This is the beginning of “While I Still can…” a song my dear friend Dan Mitchell penned for me.

Time is my enemy, that’s why I’m living for right now… Tomorrow just too far to think about, my heart only knows one task.

Time indeed is my enemy. And it most likely is your loved ones as well…

This is a small yet incredibly significant part taken straight from a blog post-dated Wednesday, October 1, 2014 called Time Is My Enemy. The blog itself is called “While I Still Can…One Man’s Journey through Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease by Rick Phelps. The blog has been designed to support and bring awareness to anyone touched by dementia or memory impairment. Knowledge and understanding bring power and connection to others who are on this journey also. Bringing awareness, one person at a time…

Even though, the above mentioned is one man’s journey, there are many more featured in the PWD Perspective. The PWD Perspective is a Sunday paper to see Dementia “Thru the Looking Glass” of the fellow PWD (Persons with Dementia) Life Perceptions. This online newspaper features headlines, photos, stories, and all other articles. You have the option to subscribe to the updates, follow them on Facebook or send them an email, along with following them on their other social media platforms.

I was forwarded this website/newspaper by a truly strong and inspirational woman who tagged me on Twitter. I don’t know for sure why she did, other then it’s my hope that my asking for people to share their stories about anything health related finally worked. We would like to share these stories and post them on either of our websites that will be launching very soon. One site will be dedicated to helping people understand and connect with others who deal with Epilepsy, while the other will be health related in general. Whether your life is affected by mental, emotional, physical disorders, eating disorders or any other disorder, they will all be covered.

You can watch our custom made video about here.


And much like the gentleman from above, who stated knowledge is power and bringing people together is one aspect of this…we couldn’t agree more. It’s our hope that more people like this special lady will share their stories for us to post on our blog, and share on our site. So others may connect with her; she can help someone in need, help someone understand, or just find a friend. Through her reaching out to me, I now know of this online newspaper, which I hope that I will now help others find as well. This is the goal of our reaching out to others; to share their stories, their experiences, and more. By sharing, you have the power to help people more than you might realize. To touch someone’s life you may never meet or talk to, but neither here nor there, what matters is being there for someone in their time of need.

Before I forget to tell you how to connect with her as I get into her story, you can find this amazingly strong woman via Twitter. Her tagline is “Truthful Kindness” her user name is @truthfulkindness, and her bio is ” person W Dementia: Reading difficulty limits number of tweets I can rvw, so plz do not be offended if I do not follow. Legal nm truthful Loving Kindness.

Her site is Truthful Loving Kindness as Dementia Patient. My dealing with life as a PWD (Person with Dementia).

Anything that anyone sends me catches my attention having to live the life that I do when it comes to health. But the piece that she sent me caught me harder than most would in just the first sentence. As my blog progresses, you will understand this more.

The article is called “Efforts to Gather Clarity of Thoughts about My Brilliant Scattered Conversation.

I have heard other get offended when folks “dumb-down” their conversation, implying we as PWD (Persons With Dementia) are stupid. At my current stage of progression, I appreciate that action instead.”

She ventures into explaining the world as she sees it, truly providing an in-depth look one rarely gains a glimpse of from the outside. She writes about how she tried to type pieces of notes into her cell phone with the hopes that she could later finish and connect them into thoughts. However, eight hours later, she was unable to grasp what she was talking about, unable to bring the threads together as hoped.

This article is a very insightful look into the mind of a PWD and I feel honoured and blessed, that she decided to not only share it with the world; but also tagged me so I could read it as well.

As touched and honoured as I was to read the first link she sent me, the second one had me contemplating if some of the steps she took were things I would have to consider some day. I’ve always told my husband that I will end up being a PWD as it runs in my family and at my age I have a hard enough time remembering items already. Her article is titled “Crafts I Personally Use for Dementia Symptoms.

It was very insightful yet again, but one part that touched me the most, was her thoughtfulness towards her husband during this trying time in her life. It made me question if I would have thought to do the same, or if many others fail to look that far into the future.

She writes about how amazing and supportive her husband is, but how at some point he will need to dress her due to her approaching lack to do so. And while her husband is an amazing man, his strong spot is not his sense of fashion, whereas it is a deeply strong spot to her. Knowing this, she has customized her wardrobe to make it as simple for her husband to not only dress her, but ensure she matches daily. It’s this kind of love that sees you through the hardship of dealing with mental illness and helps you think of the little things that will make your mates life that much easier when that time approaches.

This extremely strong woman is someone I highly suggest you follow not only on Twitter, but follow her website, read her post, share them with others and you may just help someone without realizing it. I know I will be following her via Twitter and her site; as well as updating my blog and site with the insight she has to share. All of which can only be of benefit to those who are willing to take the time to read what she has to say.

Thank you “Truthful Kindness” for sharing your journey with me, so I can share it with so many others, you’ve already touched another life.

To View a small glimps into her life, please watch her Youtube videos Below.

I made this small video as my interpretation of becoming lost as a PWD. To myself, it’s like slowly becoming lost in a snow storm and now being able to find your way out.