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Branden Abeyta A.K.A Brandaddy a.k.a @brandenabeyta

Branden Abeyta was the first musical artist to reach out to me on Twitter. Not only did we join each other’s Twitter community, I’d like to think we formed a friendship that will last long after he tops the music charts.

As always, when Brandaddy joined my Twitter community, I clicked the link in his bio. This link redirected me to his official website, where I started poking around on each page. (I’m not one of those ‘followers’ who blindly comments or recommends. When I give a shout-out to someone, it’s because I have roamed through enough of their material to give a personal shouting- out because I’m all about keeping it real!).

After clicking on his websites MUSIC tab, I watched and listened to all his music. I was instantly hooked! I gave Branden a shout-out not expecting him to RT or FAV click my tweet, let alone comment back. To my utter amazement not only did he comment back, but he carried on a conversation with me!!

Branden is unbelievably down-to-earth, kind, caring, and overall just a real pleasure to talk with. I’ve noticed on many social platforms some artist (not just musicians) feel that once they’ve reached a certain level on the “social ladder,” they no longer need to befriend the very people they reached out to in the hopes of building a fan base. The very people which allowed them to begin their climb the “social ladder” in the first place. A lot of people seem to forget how much they wanted their dreams to come true, or the struggle it took to become noticed in their industry. Mostly they forget that without their past, current and future fan base, they wouldn’t be where they are now, and they could easily lose it all in the blink of an eye!

Branden is the complete opposite – I can honestly tell anyone reading this; reach out to Branden. Say hello to him, follow him on his social platforms, and attend his musical performances — he’s true to himself which keeps him level headed and grounded. He knows he’s a rising star, and he knows he’s going to make it big time in the music industry – but he also knows who he is.

Not only is Brandaddy relaxed and easy going; he has talent that people only dream of. Not only will Branden be a sexy pinup and heart-throb for the female population to drool over, but his abilities as a singer and songwriter will see him reach his dreams and obtain all his hearts desires.

Please enjoy the music I’ve added and follow the links to his various platforms, where you can follow him and support him as he continues to work hard to achieve his dreams.