Cara Brookins

Author Cara Brookins A Woman Of Inspiration 

Setting the bar high, Author Cara Brookins is a prime example of what you could accomplish if you set your mind to it…

You Never Know Where You’ll Find Inspiration…

Depending on the user, it’s not uncommon for some individuals to consider two primary factors before deciding a new follower is worth following back. They have a tendency to scrutinize the individuals following, as well as their influence on Twitter before making the decision that they’ll return the follow. Thereby, helping them ascertain what the new follower can offer them.

Depending on what these individuals are using Twitter for there’s logic behind these considerations. For myself, I couldn’t be bothered with the number of followers or the level of influence on Twitter a new follower has although I too have certain factors I take into account before following someone back.

The bio is the first place my eyes land on, from there I take a quick scroll through their Tweets to see how active they are. I look at what kind of Tweets they send out, and if they are engaging with their followers. Most importantly; I make sure they are not a spam account or an account seeking numbers not active connections. Afterwards, I visit any links in their bio to learn more about them and based off of their links, in combination with their bio, Tweets and interaction, I then decide if they are a profile I want to follow back.

The scrutiny I put a profile through has nothing to do with what they can offer me in terms of potential followers or ranking. I look at each profile in terms of potential interaction with the user based on at least one common interest. It’s not the quantity of followers; it’s the quality of them that’s important to me.

A prime example is author Cara Brookins.

When I reviewed my new followers list, I was instantly intrigued by her profile picture due to the sheer amount of books in the backdrop. I knew from the picture alone that I would have common grounds with Cara Brookins. Her bio impressed me; her tweets and interactions struck me; moreover, her website fascinated me.

Her website shows her human side in simplistic elegance as a writer, mother, mentor and a worker. Cara Brookins uses her website to provide her fan base with a glimpse into being an author, the ups and downs associated with it. She shows the methods behind her creativity, which includes a video diary where she takes you through her writing process. Cara’s willingness to open up her personal life with pictures of her beautiful family home, crafted by her darling children and herself from the ground up. Cara’s openness about her journey to a healthy body, mind, and spirit is a real inspiration.

Cara Brookins is more than a writer; she is an inspirational speaker, an artist with wood, concrete, clay, and paper mache. She has a job developing new computer software systems as a senior programmer analyst and makes webpages on the side. She loves to hula hoop, scuba dive, swim, ride her bike, listen to music, garden, and spend time in the mountains. Carla also writes a blog, guest blogs, attends radio and video appearances, book signings and more!

I found myself captivated by Cara Brookins, wanting to learn more about her. Wondering about why she decided to undertake the enormous task of building her family home from the ground up, what her healthy body, mind and spirit journey is about and how she manages to juggle everything.

Cara Brookins is an inspiration for myself, and someone I plan to follow closely (if I’m lucky some of her positive energy will transmit over to me).


If you’d like to learn more about Cara Brookins, the author, artist, builder, mother, friend and inspirational speaker you can follow her on Twitter Cara Brookins  or visit her website