Better Man Project

Better Man Project

I’m continually on the lookout for exciting and dynamic individuals, freelancers, businesses, charities, etc. from my list of Twitter followers to blog about. As previously mentioned in one of my post, I don’t consider Facebook a worthy place to look for this because it has already veered too far off the business path becoming to spammy to bother contemplation. Nonetheless, when it comes to Twitter, there are an abundance of interesting and dynamic people and businesses, along with charities and support groups to decide from that my options are plentiful.

This morning while scrolling through my contacts on Twitter, I came across a semi-new follower. I’ve seen on my list before, took a quick glimpse at but had yet to take a deeper look into what this follower was about. I fondly remember the Twitter cover…I’m married not dead! This toned, six-pack, stud in a black in white photo is eye candy to even the most devoted of people. I’ve also seen the tagline or title or whatever it is you want to call it, calling this follower “Better man project.” Between the picture and the tagline, I did the opposite of what my typical method of selecting people I will follow back…I assumed he was another fitness guru trying to spread diet and exercise to help others in their life. Because I assumed, he was a health advocate I added him to my followers list and figured I’d take a deeper look when I had a moment to spare.

Finally, this morning being up hours before the rest of the house; I had that time. While starting my look through my list, I came across “Better man project” and though, “umm intriguing picture and tagline, I should finally see what he’s all about.”

I am so glad I did! And this is yet another reason I try my damnedest to read, scout, check out links, websites, etc. before adding people to my list of followers. “Better man Project” was not at all what I thought it was going to be about. I was so pleasantly surprised that I decided on the spot that I needed to add this gentleman to my list of “Shoutout blogs.”

Remember my grossly erroneous assumption that this follower was ‘just another health nut trying to help people better their lives?‘ Well, I was right in some aspects, and so very wrong in others.

“Better Man Project” is about one man’s journey to discover himself. He takes you on what was intended to be his own personal 30-day challenge that has morphed into a life-long path of discovery. He’s not asking you to follow in his foot-steps to the way of enlightenment. He’s not asking you to follow certain steps to ensure that once you reach your 30-days you will become a brand-new person. Instead he’s asking you to follow him on his journey towards becoming a “Better Man” in the hopes that through his trials and tribulations you will be able to ascertain what is wrong in your life, so you may be better equipped to help yourself.

He clearly notes on his home-page that each person man or woman will have to take their individual paths, decide which fork in the road they will contemplate traveling down. That no two individuals will experience, or get out of his personal journey the same outcome.

To peek your interest a bit more, I’m attaching ‘exactly’ what he wrote on his home-page, so that you can grasp for yourself the depth of this project.


The Better Man Project is a look at my daily journey towards becoming a better man, as well as a glimpse into the valuable lessons I learn along the way.

Socrates once said, “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” I, in fact, know nothing. But because I know nothing, I have given myself the best opportunity to learn from everything. That is why I am here in front of you today, and that is how The Better Man Project was born.

Several years ago, I sat on the bed in my small dorm room and realized that whatever path I was on was destined for disaster. My life lacked love, passion, and goals that could inspire me to achieve my true potential. I was desperately trying to contain an emotional tornado inside of me, and realized that the damage was reaching a point of irreversibility. The forces of change were knocking on my door, and if that call was left unanswered, my worst nightmare was waiting for me right around the corner.

I decided to try something new. The Better Man Project was originally intended to be a 30-day challenge to develop myself into a better man. Well, the project passed 30 days, 60 days, 90 days…and now I stand in front of you – the product of almost 1,000 days of personal cave diving into the depths of my heart – lantern in hand, searching for even more answers.

I am not here to give you a formula. I am not here to tell you that I have some secret for how to be happy. Instead, I am here to tell you why you should embark on a journey that will be marked by times of darkness, but that will in the end, result in one thing: light.

Each and every one of you will have a different path. No two will be the same, but they will all have something in common: the fact that you will be going against the grain and living a life that you are proud of. You will face your fears by moving against a culture that is designed to groom you to be just like everyone else. But it won’t be easy because you will have to overcome significant obstacles in order to achieve true happiness and realize your dreams. However, when you finally remove can’t from your vocabulary, you will develop into someone who finds motivation and inspiration within in order to create a vibrant future.

I can tell you that my journey will never end. My life has permanently changed course because of this project, and I have truly learned how to be a man. And to all the women out there, my project isn’t just about men’s issues. I am confident that if you join me and open this book, you might just find out how to be a better person as well.

I promise you that this is going to be one awesome, wild ride.

Love. Passion. Never Quit.

Rather captivating and unlike so many other websites out there, isn’t it? I’m sure you can understand why I felt the need to add his website to my “Interesting Pages” section of my blog.

I love the fact that he not only felt and acted upon the feelings that urged him to become a Better Man, but that he also felt that he could help other’s reach the same goals in their life by sharing his story.

The road to enlightenment is often a private road, kept to oneself; especially when it comes to men. Men are often recluse when it comes to their emotions, never wanting to talk about them let alone share them. I give gratitude and admiration to this man for stepping up and showing the world his struggles, triumphs and his continued journey to self-discovery.

We live in a fast-paced, anti-social world that expects way too much from us as individuals within a short amount of time. The inner feeling of self-combustion, depression, restlessness, unease and unhappiness is often found in even the most unlikely of individuals. It is  my personal feeling that if you subscribe to his website, read all his past blogs, and keep following his life as it unfolds; you can learn a trick or two to help better yourself. There may be feelings you experience that you don’t understand. You may be living a life that you know is leading you down the road to self-destruction. Maybe you are living your life for someone else; trying to live up to their expectations of what your life should be, and you find yourself miserable because of this. Whatever the case may be for you, it is my strong individual opinion that through following this man’s passage into manhood, and you might just be able to unlock issues within your life.  Some of these issues you may not even be aware of, and until you confront them, you will continue to live a life that feels incomplete.

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