“Curiosity killed the cat” was the most used expression in my family dating back as far as I can remember. Of course, it was always said while looking directly at me, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered there was a second part to it! My family never felt it was necessary to use the second half around me, since they only used the first half as a warning about me being overly curious

In hindsight; had I begun utilizing Twitter when I originally joined in 2009, instead of waiting until May of this year. I know with certainty I would have reaped the benefits afforded to active Twitter members considerably more than in comparison to now. I would have had the opportunity to make long lasting mutually beneficial work connections, and I would have met more people like author Dan Glover sooner in life rather than later.

Meeting Dan is a prime example of why you should read Tweets, rather than blindly re-tweeting those in hopes of appearing more engaged. One day while randomly scrolling through Tweets, one in particular caught my attention. This Tweet was unlike so many since it was personal and raved about the book to the author himself; both factors caught my attention instantly. It also peaked my curiosity to see if this was a genuine review of his book, or another person trying to suck up to someone of stature in the hopes they’d add them to their account.

After following the link provided in the Tweet, it didn’t take long before I knew what the book was about, or to realize that the person obviously wasn’t a butt kisser! The summery for the Mermaid series is captivating, vivid, original, most importantly it made me look forward to reading it. The summery helped me understand the need the person felt to write a Tweet to the author, mainly because I ended up doing the same thing. I don’t know if this was a standard practice for the other person, but for myself, I’d never written to an author or anyone else in regards to product.

However, I had an unbelievable urge to write to author Dan Glover, to let him know how captivating his summary was and that if his summary could pull me in that much, I couldn’t wait to read the book.  The aspect of reaching out to the author was inconceivable to me, especially one with as many books under his pen as Dan Glover. Although I have ‘personal rules’ in place about reaching out to a public figure on Twitter, I felt overwhelming compelled to send him a Tweet mere moments after finishing summery for the Mermaid series. This compulsion wasn’t fuelled with false or secret hopes that he would reply back to my Tweet, or magically become a Follower in my Twitter community (in truth neither scenarios occurred to me).

Unlike the vast majority of fans I suspect, who never hesitate to send their thoughts or feelings (positive or negative) about the book, song, movie, etc. I disputed with myself if I should click the send button or disregard the Tweet and go on about my night. After sitting there reviewing the Tweet I’d written, and rereading the summery of his Mermaid book – my ‘rules’ were tossed out the window as I clicked on the Tweet button. To my utter amazement when I checked back in the next morning there was a Tweet back from Dan Glover.  To say I was shocked is a huge understatement; however what shocked me even more was how nice Dan was, how relaxed, easy going , friendly,  and just an all-around great guy who I’m proud to (figuratively) know and follow.

It’s true; sometimes rules are made to be broken especially the moral dilemma rules. (Check out another my blog post to understand why I have certain rules about Twitter or ant Social Media platforms). Whether the above picture was a sheer coincidence or a cleverly orchestrated marketing strategy; I couldn’t tell you. I can tell you that this may be the most well know picture of Author Dan Glover, and I believe a great complement towards his character.

Dan Glover goes beyond being an amazing writer; he is down-to-earth, easy-going, and easy to talk to.  Dan is social with his followers, and as far as I can tell (at least of the authors I follow); he has the most interaction with his fans. Although he is an amazing writer, it doesn’t appear that he lost himself, and writes for the love of it, not to surpass who and what he already is.

When you have a chance pick up his books…they’re worth a read.

A little insight into Dan Glover:

About me

Gender: Male

Location: United States

Introduction: I live in north central Illinois.

Interests: Literature, writing, old movies, MOQ

Favourite Films: Dead Man, Pow Wow Highway

Favourite Music: Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson

Favourite Books: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Lila, Gilead, The Old Man and the Sea, The Heart of the Matter, The Road.


Lila's Child

Featuring an introduction and annotations by Robert Pirsig, Lila's Child seeks to answer some of the more ambiguous questions regarding Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals by Robert Pirsig. This wide-ranging book covers such topics as living the good life, what happens after death, the nature of experience and awareness, and the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Peirce, and many others. Taken from the first year of an Internet discussion group called the Lila Squad, the contributors each offer their own unique insights into Robert Pirsig's seminal work while providing the reader with insights found nowhere else.

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Apache Nation

Lost in the remote mountain ranges of New Mexico, the narrator relies upon both rational knowledge as well as intuition to survive as an intimate insight is gained into the travails of yesterday by living off the land much as the Apache warriors once did. Apache Nation lives on in the tales told over campfires deep inside forgotten mountain ranges that were once home to some of the fiercest warriors who ever walked the earth. From ancient myths to our modern day culture, Apache Nation explores the magic still existing in isolated places far from the haunts of humans.

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The Art Of Caring Zen Stories

Zen teachings originated many thousands of years ago with the man known as the Buddha although he claimed such knowledge went back tens of thousands of years before his time. It has since spread around the world. Since Zen isn't a religion—there is no deity worship—it is fully compatible with major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and others. The Buddha resides as comfortably in the sacrament as in the atheist. Zen practice consists of stilling the mind by a method known as right thinking. One doesn't have to be sitting in a meditation hall to practice Zen. A person can practice stilling the mind while at work or while at play. Often times, I find stories arise as a result of my practice. While these stories may not be related to Zen in the traditional Western sense of the word they seem oddly apt when taken for what they are: A glimpse inside the mind of a man who has spent a goodly part of his adult life deep in meditation. It has taken a long time to get these stories right though as the years go by the impact they have on me seems to change along with my perspective of the world and my place in it.

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The Mystery Zen Stories

These stories are based upon a lot of years of living as well as deep meditation and zazen. Too, many ancient Chinese texts concerning Eastern philosophy which are open to interpretation have been incorporated into these pages. The I-Ching is but one source for the history of Zen Buddhism and the Tao, which these words seek to illuminate. The nature of life and death as well as wealth and poverty are but a few of the questions that appear within these covers. I offer few answers other than to look within the self with a hard honesty. The righteous are often misled. The good are too many times evil. This is the nature of the mystery.

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The Lazy Way to 100,000 Twitter Followers

A detailed way of growing your Twitter following to unheard of numbers seemingly overnight, The Lazy Way to 100,000 Twitter Followers will guide the entrepreneur step by step in assembling a top notch Twitter site as well as offer some timely advice along the way.

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Winter's Mermaid

By uncovering a veritable fountain of youth a doctor comes to learn the extraordinary price of immortality. Despite solving the riddle to everlasting life, she watches in horror as the human race nearly goes extinct overnight. The few survivors, a motley band of misfits, are now bound in servitude to an older and superior race if they wish to continue living. Those who were once deadly enemies become trusted allies while friends and lovers turn upon one another. As the old world fades away a new one rises, one in which death has no meaning, where institutions such as marriage and fidelity vanish, a place where murder and mayhem become acceptable behavior, and betrayal is the norm. To what lengths would you go to stay forever young?

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Mermaid Spring

Will they flourish? Or will humanity sink into extinction? Mermaid Spring, the second installment of the four-part science fiction fantasy Mermaids series, takes up a century after the apocalyptic Great Dying. The old world has gradually passed away while the population of Orchardton Hall increases exponentially as Dr. Karen continues her experimentation with enhanced birthing techniques and witnesses the origin of a new species. A new danger is arising across the sea in the land once known as America. As the unleashing of nanotechnology rears its ugly head and threatens not only the earth but the entire galaxy, the mermaids, the Ladies of the Lake, must remain vigilant against the insanity creeping into the world. Disruption is inevitable as the good doctor is kidnapped and held prisoner by a mad scientist from her past who hasn’t forgotten his love for her. Can the Ladies of the Lake effect a rescue, or will Dr. Karen succumb to the lure of forgetfulness and sleep?

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There Come A Bad Cloud

Not for the faint of heart, this collection of tales examines the inner lives of those on the edge of death, feeling the pull of forces beyond their control, knowing there's no use to run away... that death will only follow them. The characters in these stories find themselves in a tangled web caught up in a struggle somewhere between the world of the living and the nothingness of ghosts inhabiting their nightmares and their darkest desires. A little boy loses his mother just before Christmas and learns the true meaning of the season, while another couple learn they're about to have a baby without ever having sex, and a woman dies all alone in a musty motel room while reminiscing about the life she has wasted. Do you dare read these stories? Only if you have the courage to look inside the darkness and realize it is you who is looking back!

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